Our company is a company with strong corporate reputation that includes values such as brand value in terms of financial, increasing market share in terms of market and having qualified human resources in terms of human resources. Considering the importance of the sector in terms of competitive power, contribution to national income, balance of payments, exports and employment, and sustainable growth as a firm involved in contracting services, one of the locomotive sectors of the country's economy ,will remain and maintain one of the leading companies in the contracting services sector. These are projects that our company is undertaking and plans to undertake in the coming years, including high-speed train lines, improvement works on existing lines, major port projects planned to be made as improvements in foreign trade and maritime transport, airport investments, airport renovations and metro projects. The company has successfully achieved all infrastructure works such as land unification, arrangement and constructions of dam, highway, tunnel, ports, irrigation canals, bridge, drainage, sewerage, drinking water, high speed train lines tendered by General Directorate of ASKİ, General Directorate of Village Services, General Directorate of State Water Affairs (DSİ) and General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of Turkish State Railways, General Directorate of State Airports Authority and infrastructure works financed by World Bank and will carry on to construct. The Company will continue to pursue sustainable growth by effectively assessing the human and labor power resources required by its mission and creating lasting values in order to reduce the effects of rapidly changing economic conjuncture at home and abroad. All markets of Turkey's neighboring region which have economic and commercial relations with our country are monitored and evaluated in order to invest and to do business.




Chairman of the Board of Directors

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