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Özgün Yapı aims to include the most suitable candidates for the relevant positions in the recruitment process while bringing valuable talents into its structure.
Özgün Yapı is a group company that offers career opportunities to recent graduates and candidates with experience in their fields, aims to train development, is open to new ideas and is based on progress.

The basis of our human resources policy;

  • To creating an inclusive business environment that promotes diversity, equal opportunity and participation,
  • Developing a positive, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial business culture,
  • To establish the understanding of sustainability aiming at what is good for the world,
  • Encouraging volunteerism for social responsibility,
  • Using technology and digitalization effectively in the human resources process,
  • To provide training and development opportunities based on professional and individual development,
  • To have the competence to do business in different geographies and in different sociocultural conditions

Education and Personal Development
Continuous development is essential to adapt to changing conditions and maintain the successful line of the company. It is essential to ensure continuous development and employee motivation, to maintain the level of knowledge and competence of our human resources at the level of world standards. Accordingly, the training needs of employees are determined by the employees and their managers together taking into account their professional and personal development, current and potential tasks, and are met within the framework of annual training plans created throughout the company.

Performance and Evaluation
Feedback between staff and senior management is an important cornerstone of the company's culture. It is essential to measure the work performance of employees with pre-defined criteria and to measure employee behavior in the evaluation of competence.

The Recruitment Process
Qualified candidates, who can think creatively, are well equipped, care about quality and have an understanding of how to do international business, or recent graduates who are open to education and learning, are selected for employment.

Internship Opportunities
Internship opportunities are offered to university and high school students at offices and construction sites within the Özgün Yapı. Internship programs aim to guide students who may be our potential employees in the future, by giving them the opportunity to get to know the work environment and our company culture.

In line with the vision of our company, our quality policy is in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard;

  • To use developing and up-to-date technologies and to constantly improve the product quality by closely following the developments in the sector and to realize a production that exceeds customer expectations,
  • To produce the most suitable, most accurate and most economical solutions in the fastest way and to prevent any incompatibilities that may arise later,
  • To be a reliable company in an understanding that meets the needs and expectations of the customer at the highest level,
  • To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we are in by ensuring the continuity of our quality understanding in order to achieve our quality goals in accordance with our policy,
  • In line with our policy, to provide all necessary trainings to achieve our goals with our employees, to provide a suitable working environment and to be a family by supporting this with technology,
  • To contribute to the country's economy by increasing our experience and knowledge with the quality of service we provide,
  • To ensure customer satisfaction with our employee satisfaction and service quality,
  • To ensure maximum communication and efficiency with a system approach in process and management,
  • To make continuous improvement sustainable on the basis of efficiency,
  • To fulfill the applicable conditions and to provide an effective decision-making mechanism by involving employees and suppliers,
  • Instilling leadership in all our employees with corporate governance that adheres to strategies, as a management,
we are committed to ensuring the continuity of the quality management system.

In line with the vision of our company, our environmental policy in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standards;

  • To ensure environmental protection by minimizing internal and external factors affecting environmental pollution,
  • To use resources effectively and rationally,
  • Applying recycling technology,
  • Organizing environmental education and awareness-raising activities inside and outside the company, providing support for such activities,
  • To ensure continuous improvement and development,
  • Fulfilling its obligations arising from existing laws,
  • Fulfilling compliance obligations,
  • Continuously improving the environmental management system to improve environmental performance,
  • Adopting and fulfilling the requirements of the environmental management system in order to ensure environmental awareness in all fields of activity in a systematic and orderly manner,
we are committed to fulfilling the requirements for our environmental policy as our environmental policy.

As Özgün Yapı, it is our first priority to ensure the health and work safety of all our employees and those who will be affected by our activities, to create the basic element of our company's success, by aiming to continuously improve our OHS performance. Accordingly, our basic principles are,

  • To create an effective Occupational Health and Safety Management System by complying with the laws and regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in force,
  • To create a reliable working environment for our employees by constantly improving the OHS management system,
  • With the participation of all employees, always predetermining the dangers and risks and taking precautions,
  • Achieving the goal of zero accidents by constantly training and raising awareness of our employees,
  • To ensure the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases by using appropriate technologies developed in our projects.

With its mission and vision, Özgün Yapı aims to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information in accordance with TS EN ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS). In this direction;

  • To fulfill the conditions stipulated by the laws, standards and procedures on information security issues,
  • To raise awareness by giving Information Security Management trainings to all employees,
  • Preparing, maintaining and testing business continuity plans and establishing process standard procedures,
  • To comply with national and international legislation on information security,
  • To ensure that actions are taken as soon as possible in case of information security violations and to apply the necessary sanctions,
  • To take the necessary measures to comply with the information security of the stakeholders,
  • To enable continuous improvement by managing information security risks for business processes,
  • To develop solutions by following the current technologies and innovations in the field of information security,
  • To protect the existence of information, to ensure accessibility of information and to provide information systems management compatible with business requirements,
  • To define how ISMS and Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) requirements are met,
we are committed to fulfilling the requirements and ensuring the continuity of ISMS.

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